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The Dutch Honours Community (DHC) is the national collective for and by Honours students.

The DHC is founded in January 2017 as a fusion between the National Honours Community and the Dutch Honours Alliance. The DHC serves the interests and represents the students who participate in a Dutch Honours programme. Associations and foundations that represent local Honours students can become members of the DHC. On a national level, we foster interactions and maintain relationships with universities, politics, students, associations and foundations.

What is Honours?

Honours programmes are extracurricular programmes for talented, ambitious and intellectually motivated students who want to enrich themselves.

These programmes are having a broadening and/or deepening character, challenging students to cooperate and learn in an inter-, multi-, or transdisciplinary setting. Students participating in these programmes usually belong to the top 10% best performing students from their university or university of applied sciences. Hence, our community consists of bright students with very diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Our Mission

The Dutch Honours Community is established with the goal of fostering collaborations between Honours associations and foundations, as well as strengthening the position of Honours students by representing them on a national level.

We stimulate stimulate interlocal contact, and serve local Honours associations and foundations by embracing a facilitating yet supportive role. Our core task is to provide a platform for our members to connect and learn from each other, and to be approachable for challenges that require a national or regional approach.

Network & Interaction

The Dutch Honours Community has a networking function in which we foster interactions among our members, and with the academic and business world.

By supporting a large range of interlocal and national activities, and by connecting local Honours associations and foundations with each other, we aim to create an active community of Honours students. In this process, we encourage our members to exchange experiences and to collaborate with each other (and their respective academic institute). In our yearly conference, we connect Honours students to the academic and business world.

National Representation

The Dutch Honours Community represents Honours students in the national debate about (talent) education and student welfare.

The DHC serves the interest of students who participate in a Dutch Honours programme. As a covenant-partner of the ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg), we voice the ideas and issues from the Honours Community the national politics. As a partner from the WCN (Network of Honours Coordinators in the Netherlands), we seek support for initiatives of and raise problems from Honours students on an interlocal or national level.

Local Support

The Dutch Honours Community supports local Honours associations and foundations with interlocal or national issues.

By connecting our members with each other and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, we aim to tackle issues which has an interlocal or national nature. For this purpose, we organise a diverse range of open and closed activities for the representatives (i.e. board members) of the local Honours associations and foundations.

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